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With the increasing demand for overseas sale properties in the residential leasing market,Beijing Wanhai realestate has established its realm and set up its objective to become a professional real estate agent handling residential leasing and selling in Beijing. Beijing Wanhai realestate provides integrity of thorough market analysis, geographical value investigation, case representation and property site inspection which greatly support our clients to find satisfactory target properties in Beijing. Through seven years’ constant progressive efforts and great support from our clients, developers and individual property owners, Beijing
Wanhai realestate has obtained abundant experience in market practice and set up close and long-term relationship with multi-national enterprises,embassies, foreign airlines, international schools, foreign government representative offices, foreign bank representative offices, etc. Beijing Wanhai realestate has become “One of the Leading Residential Agent” in Beijing.
Company Components

  Sales Department
  Residential Consultant Section
  1. Supply the information including general property review, property analysis, and market quotation.
  2. Prepare the specific proposal and presentation according to client’s requirements,
  3. Assist clients to choose the target property, schedule & accompany the clients in the site inspection.
  4. provide professional consultant in 2nd round discussion and final dedision-making.
  5. Negotiating ,revising and amEnding upon the Agreement, assistance in drarfting, finalizing and signing of the contract.

  Office Consultant Section
  C. Investment Directory Section
  1. Provide market analysis of all the properties in Beijing to determine the investment direction.
  2. Evaluate the investment return rate to define the investment objective.
  3. Analysis on the development direction of all the properties in Beijing’s Residential Market to ensure the stability and Endurance of investment.

  B.Marketing Department
  1. General investigation of all the properties inBeijing Real Estate Market, including price, scale, input sale and lease situation ,etx.
  2. Monthly brief review of the leasing market, and the latest report of general information.
  3. Promotion of the company’s image and service.
  4. In contact with the Human resources Departments of big companies to set up nice relationship with the clients, and make special proposal according to their requests.

  After-sale Service Department
  1. accompany the clients in furniture purchasing (according to the customer requests) and arrange free delivery of the furniture.
  2. Arrange cleaning and house inspection before occupation.
  3. Arrange turn key procedure and communication with management

  Business Scope
  We provide our clents with “Wanhai Monthly” periodically on general market review , market survey, property analysis, lates property market price, best-leasing analysis, market anticipation, new project report, etx. To help our clients keep in touch with the latest Residential Property Market.

  This section is the main section of the company. Our staffs in this realm play the key role in market performance, We represent nearly all the Overseas Residential Properties in Beijing and have established tight relationship with both local and overseas developers. Our business target is to find the most suitable accommodations( including location, surrounding, layout, style, cost,etc.) for our clients. Strong command of the update market information and profound understanding of cultural difference enable our staffs to solve nearly all the requirements raised by our clients. Our staffs good attitude, great patience, efficient work and our competitive price are highly appreciated and appraised by our clients. This section is quickly expanded to a big team with more than thirty staffs in the past three years.

  Property Consulting Service:
  We issue our company’s manual “ Wanhai Monthly “ at the beginning of each month which helps our clients to have a knowledge promptly and accurately on the location, area, price, facilities, service items, etcs. For more than 70 foreign residential properties in Beijing. We make the proposal on target properties and prepare the price comparison for our clients before they start to do the property searching . We also keep close contact with our clients’ Human Resources Departments for their companies’ policy adjustment and budget planning.

  Property Inspection
  We assist our clients to find the most suitable properties to live in Beijing starting from planning visiting schedule for our clients according to their requirements and budget. We arrange car to pick them up, escort them to go around , provide them with detailed information about each properties, address all the questions and concerns they may have. We believe that the site inspection is the most important procedures for our clients to make their final decision.

  Property Negotiation
  Our professional knowledge and abundant experience in real estate enable us to well perform on behalf of our clients’ interests on price, negotiation , drafting , amEnding , revising and finalizing the contract. We always try to gain more beneficiaries for our clients by our professional negotiation skill.

  After-sale Service
  We always believe that after-sale services is as important as making the contract. We have strong after-sale service team to assist our clients to arrange pre check-in procedure and supervise the interior renovations and in –house cleaning that need to be made. We also assist our clients to choose and purchase the furniture and make sure everything is declined on time before the clients move in. After the signing of the contract. We also arrange our after-sale service team to accompany our clients to register with the estate management office and introduce the services and show them the facilities available.

  Orientation Service
  Not only focus on the property hunting for our clients, we also provide our clients with orientation service which makes them get to know Beijing quicker and makes our clients’ living in Beijing much easier. We take our clients to visit all the important Foreign Schools, arrange their meeting with the Administrator of the school, escort them to visit the famous Hospitals, clinics, and Healthcare Facilities, guide them to go around big Shopping Centers and Supermarket, furthermore, we also provide our clients with important information of Beijing, such as Embassy, Bank, Art& Museum, Church, etc. We believe that through our orientation services, our clients will feel thire moving to Beijing a pleasant experience, a kind of enjoyment,, and a nice start of new life.

  Office Building Agency
  The office consultant is minor in the business of the Beijing Wanhai realestate comparing with the Residential Agency. However, Beijing Wanhai realestate works as diligently as it does in housing and has built up good reputation & credit among the developer and End-users.

  Our Staff
  A dynamic intelligent force consists of young, energetic, highly motivated, well educated people who have deep understanding to the cultural difference between the western countries and China, and devote themselves to Real Estate Career.
Wanhai’s staffs hold their intention of possessiveness and optimism, offering their sincerity, car, gentleness and understanding to meet the needs of our clients. Their perfect language and reconciling skills ensure all of our clients the trustworthy consultant services.

  Company’s professionalism Spirit
  1. We value the wisdom and creativeness of human resources;
  2. We treasure the long-term cooperation and friEndship stem from the sound mutual credibility and profound mutual understanding;
  3. We emphasize on the efficiency, accuracy,courtesy and rapid responsiveness;
  4. We honor the spirit of dedication, scientific and academic attitude, good discipline and loyalty

  Through seven years of efforts, Beijing Wanhai realestate, as one of the earliest real estate agents in Beijing, has accumulated abundant experiences on the agency of foreign residential properties, which makes real estate transaction easy and smooth

  During the past seven year, Beijing Wanhai realestate has established wide relationship with all the dveloper and individual owners in Beijing, We are familiar with the latest property market quotation and always try to get the greatest benefit for oru clents. Our objective is to meet the needs of our clients at the greatest extEnd.

  Beijing Wanhai realestate provides wide range of services to our clients-not only the good quality real estate consulting services. But also orientation services, which make the expatriates easy to accommodate in Beijing.

  We believe that by trying to understand our clients’ request and special needs, we can assist our clients to realize their dream of a home away from hoe in China and make their moving easy. Smooth and pleasant. It will be our great pleasue to sut the needs of our clients at the greates extEnd and make you enjoy your life in China.What you are seeking is what we are offering.